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Nanjing Shinewave Technology Co., Ltd. Factory Production Line

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  • Nanjing Shinewave Technology Co., Ltd. Factory Production Line
  • Nanjing Shinewave Technology Co., Ltd. Factory Production Line
  • Nanjing Shinewave Technology Co., Ltd. Factory Production Line
Production Line

  The company has about 20 authorized invention patents in microwave devices, circuits, antennas, etc. Applications include radar, electronic countermeasures, aerospace, navigation and other military fields, but also widely used in microwave communications, mobile communications and other civilian markets. The products cover RF and microwave devices, components and antennas, among which, the active products include high power solid-state microwave power amplifier, low noise amplifier, transceiver components, up and down frequency converter, frequency source, etc. Passive products include microwave filters, diplexers, power splitters, couplers, power synthesizers, etc. The antenna products are dominated by various ultra-wideband and high-gain horn antennas. The product operating frequency covers VHF, UHF, L-band, S-band, C-band,X-band, Ku-band and so on.

  In terms of microwave filters, the company has comprehensive products and strong design capabilities. The main products include cavity band-stop filter, waveguide filter, electrically tunable filter, multi-frequency combiner, multi-frequency combining platform POI, dielectric cavity dual-mode filter, LC filter, miniaturized comb filter, interdigital filter, etc.


We can supply OEM/ODM. We can customize the corresponding products according to the needs of customers .We can provide superior design, fast design, fast production, fast completion, fast delivery.


  Relying on the academic research team of well-known universities, the company has established an innovative research and development team with doctoral and master's talents, and continues to attract outstanding talents in the industry and outstanding students from famous universities to expand the team.

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